Introduction To has been a leader in the online gaming business since the dawn of internet gambling. After two full years of preparation, Casino On Net was launched in 1997. Due to both their early entry into the game and their obsession with creating the best technology, Casino On Net quickly became the world’s most popular online casino, with 13 million very satisfied players.

Their online casino continues to be the highest rated and most popular around, and once online poker started to take off, they launched Pacific Poker in 2002. The idea was to get their massive casino player base interested in poker as well, and due to their expertise in offering the best online gambling experiences around, their poker room became an instant success.

Pacific Poker wasn’t the most popular poker room around, as they really didn’t heavily market it to poker players the way that the biggest poker rooms did, and instead relied on cross promoting it to their existing casino player base. What this did serve to do was to make Pacific Poker a fabulously fishy place to play online poker for those in the know.

I’ve played at Pacific Poker since the start and it has always been both my favorite place to play and the poker site that I’ve made the most money at. Back then it wasn’t anywhere near as well known, but was certainly a hidden gem as the players there played ridiculously bad. The players there didn’t mind losing a ton of money as that was what they were accustomed to doing at the casino and this beautiful attitude just carried over to poker. Nowadays 888 have a wide array of branches focusing on most areas of gambling. Take a look at their options below.

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In 2003, the company moved their operation to Gibraltar, who not only had a better infrastructure to base their operations in, but had become the world’s most trusted regulatory body. This move also led them to become listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2005, as 888 Holdings. They also changed the name of their online casino to to coordinate it with the new company name.

Recently, Pacific Poker had its name changed to 888 as well, bringing all of the offerings under a single brand. Their casino business continues to lead the way in the industry, and they have won numerous awards along the way such as Best Casino Operator and Best Overall Online Gaming Operator.

The poker operation has recently received a huge makeover and this has helped propel 888 Poker to its current position as one of the top four most popular poker rooms in the world, and their player base continues to grow by the day. The impressive thing is that 888 Poker has managed to grow this much while still remaining the fishiest place to play poker online.

888 has also added other forms of online gambling lately. In addition to casino and poker, they now have bingo, sports betting, and a wide assortment of games such as Monopoly.

888 continues to lead the way in innovation and work hard every day to not only ensure that they retain their standing as one of the world’s foremost online gaming companies, but to also ensure that they continue to improve their operation and bring bigger and better online gaming experiences to us as time goes on.

Safety And Reliability Of has been very well known as a completely reliable and trustworthy place to gamble online since its inception. Since then they have worked hard to not only maintain this stellar reputation, but to go well beyond what we expect and demand from an online gambling operation. We are not only talking about customer support here, we are talking about the safety, security and stability of the company.

Becoming a publicly traded company in itself speaks loudly for the higher standard that aspires to. Public companies are required by stock exchange regulators to be completely above board in all aspects of their operation, which is all completely transparent and a matter of public record.

This all requires to be completely ethical and trustworthy in all of its business dealings, as people buy shares in their company and need to know that they are completely legitimate through and through.

In comparison, the business dealings of most online gaming companies are conducted in secret, and in some cases no one is even sure who owns the company or what they have done. A recent case in point is with Full Tilt Poker, whose dirty dealings went on for a long time before things got so bad that they couldn’t even pay their players anymore, and they ended up owing hundreds of millions of dollars to players they couldn’t pay.

Many players lost their entire bankrolls, totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars and even into the millions with some unfortunate players.

While these players cling to hope of getting at least some of this back, players at Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet have never had the luxury of this hope, as these very sketchy sites simply declared bankruptcy and kept everyone’s money for good. The fact that both these companies were caught cheating their own players in the past apparently didn’t deter a lot of people from playing there, and they are now paying the ultimate price for their lack of wisdom.

So these examples show you how important trustworthiness is to an online gaming site. The sites have our money and just because they may have hundreds of thousands of players’ money as well, there’s no strength in numbers here, as we have recently seen.

So playing it safe is definitely the way to go, now more than ever, and you don’t get any safer or more secure than In fact, your money is safer at than it is in most banks, as banks do fail from time to time, and certainly get involved in a lot of risky ventures.

People often look to government securities as safe havens, but with the amount of debt that they have, and many large countries nearing bankruptcy, there’s even some risk in that. Even gold can plummet in price, so even what are considered to be the safest and most solid places to put your money definitely have some inherent risks.

So it might seem pretty far out to say that putting your money in might be the safest place to have it, but this very well may be true. Your money is held in rock solid accounts, totally separate from their business accounts. It’s a long standing very successful and profitable operation, making more and more money by the hour, steadily and certainly.

They are certified and regulated by the world’s most respected online gaming institutions, such as the government of Gibraltar, the London Stock Exchange, TRUSTe, the Interactive Gaming Council, the UN Global Compact, and eCogra. That’s a who’s who of online gaming regulation, and no online gambling site is more highly regarded in this critical area than It does not get any better than this.

Fairness Of

The first thing that players worry about when considering either an online casino or online poker room is the fairness and randomness of the software being used. Poker players often wonder whether certain sites use shuffles that are designed to build a lot of big pots and produce more so called bad beats than normal.

At an online casino, you are playing directly against the house, so you certainly want to make sure that you aren’t being cheated out of your money. Unlike land based casinos, there isn’t a physical process that can be examined by players, and you are entirely putting your trust in the hands of the online casino as far as their giving you a fair shake.

All of the random number generators and software at is independently tested by a very well respected third party company, iTech Labs, which are in fact the world’s most trusted tester of gaming software. They perform thorough testing of all of’s operation not just yearly but on a monthly basis, to ensure that players are always provided a completely fair and random gaming experience.

The real proof of the satisfaction of players with the fairness of’s software can really be found in the number of players that play there. 888 has been the world’s most popular online casino for many years and continues to hold that title, so they wouldn’t have amassed all those millions of players if people felt they weren’t getting a fair shake.

As far as the poker room goes, while poker players often imagine that they get too many bad beats, and almost always this just comes from a misunderstanding of how often these hands should win, and pretty much every poker site gets a lot of these complaints, what really stands out at 888 Poker is that you don’t see all of these bad beat complaints there like you do at other sites. One thing is for sure though, at 888 Poker you know that the shuffle is completely random so that peace of mind is definitely worth a lot.

Why We Rate So Highly

The very high amount of trustworthiness, security, fairness, transparency, and integrity are just the start of all of the great reasons to bet at, however these things are extremely important and are the foundation of the desirability of an online gaming site. However, this is just the start of the reasons why this is a great site overall.

The overall experience in dealing with, from everything from their software to their people, is exceptional, and without this, they would not have grown the way they have. They go out and hire the best people and make sure that they do everything they can to ensure that their players are taken care of the way they should be, and this philosophy is the hallmark of their success. is really big on providing a very generous level of VIP rewards and promotions to their players. First off, they provide some very nice bonuses to entice players who have yet to experience their games for themselves to give them a try. Then, once you’ve tried them, they roll out a wide assortment of further rewards and bonuses to keep you wanting to come back for more, and to ensure that you appreciate the value of playing with them. has never been a site to rest on their laurels and become complacent, like so many other gaming sites have been guilty of, and although the experience of playing there in itself is of significant value, they never take their players for granted. So you can always count on being taken care of very well at, where everyone is a VIP and is treated like one.

In fact, every single player is important to, even those with very little or even no money to start out with. A lot of gaming sites pay very little regard to their smaller players, but wants everyone to be appreciated. So they do things like provide new poker players with $8 in free money even without making a deposit yet, and that’s on top of their regular first deposit bonuses.

So while big players are important to them like big players are important to every gaming site, no matter how big or small a player you are, your business matters a great deal to, and they are not afraid to show it. They understand that their number one job is to make you happy, and they do their job very well.

No matter what type of online gambling you like, you’ll find it here, from casino, to poker, to sports betting, to bingo, to even playing board games for money. is a first class operation all the way and we’re proud to have them as our online gaming site of choice, and once you get to experience everything they have to offer for yourself, you will see why.