888 Poker Android

The popularity of playing poker on mobile devices is increasing quickly throughout the world as the latest advancements in technology continue to improve almost daily. 888 Poker has kept up-to-date with this trend by recently releasing a beta version of an Android poker app and an iPhone/Ipad App that allows poker players on the go to play poker at 888 through their tablets and smartphones. The ability to play poker from any location without being shackled to your desktop is truly wonderful and the number of players logging on via mobile devices is expected to continue to grow rapidly. However, with mobile poker and gambling still in its infancy, there are still some software features on mobile devices that are not identical to their desktop counterparts.

Android Poker App

888 Poker’s Android poker app, which is available for phones and tablets, is a simplified version of the desktop client. The design and tables are familiar, but there are no advanced features, as the app has been stripped to bare-bones essentials intended to allow players to play online poker anywhere with just a few simple clicks. This means that some features that many players rely on, such as taking notes on opposing players, searching and finding other players, multitabling, or watching hand replays, are currently not available. Let’s be realistic. Due to the limitations and size constraints of mobile devices, it would be unreasonable to expect a mobile device to capture all the features available on a desktop. On the bright side, the action buttons are relatively big and there is a large slider feature for establishing the amount you would like to bet.

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Games And Stakes Available

Currently, only Texas Hold’em practice play and cash games at specific stake levels are available in the Android poker application, but multi-table and SitNGo tournaments are expected to eventually be included as options for mobile poker players. Also, there is no poker lobby as there is for desktop users. Instead, you can locate real money poker tables on which to play by clicking on either the Quick Seat or Beginners options. Beginners allows three no-limit game choices of 9-maximum players at $0.01/0.02, 6-max tables at $0.03/0.06, or 9-max at stakes of $0.05/0.10. The Quick Seat section features many more game choices, such as selecting between no-limit, fixed-limit, and pot-limit games, including stake ranges that start at $0.02/0.04 and go to the higher levels of $5/$10. Incidentally, the player pool of mobile players is not separate from the pool of players who are playing on stationary computers. All players join the same 888 Poker network.

Downloading The Android App

If you’re a brand new player at 888 Poker, it is recommended to first use a personal computer to register your account information, such as name, address, email and passwords. Depositing should also be done on your PC by clicking Cashier after your successful registration. An abundant number of deposit methods are available at 888 Poker, including country specific options dependent upon your locale.

Once you’re a registered player, you can download the 888 Poker Android app by going to http://888poker.com/androidapp on your mobile device. Since you are downloading and installing the Android poker application directly from 888 Poker instead of the Android Market, you will need to change your settings to non-market apps or the application will not work when you attempt to open it.

To install non-Android Market applications, click on Settings > Applications and enable Unknown Sources, if not already enabled. Download 888 Poker Android 10mb (apk), then click on 888poker.apk to install. Following successful installation of the Android app, simply login by using your established username and password created during registration. Please keep in mind that the 888 Android poker app will not function on somewhat older models of Android smartphones because it requires Flash. 888 Poker appreciates feedback from Android app users, so any problems or comments can be sent to [email protected].

Playing Poker Anywhere

Using the 888 Poker Android app allows poker players to play their favorite game of Texas Hold’em for real money almost anywhere. Whether travelling on buses or trains, sitting in the park, waiting for a friend, or even during some free time at work, the ability to play poker on your mobile device allows you the freedom to play no matter where you are. With technology constantly improving and advancing, the offerings available with the 888 Poker Android app will also eventually improve. However, even at its current form of providing the essential elements of online poker with just a few simple clicks, playing poker on the go on mobile devices is here to stay and is a welcome change to playing only at your desktop at home.