888 Poker For Mac

Macintosh computer users are indeed able to play exciting and action-filled poker at 888 Poker. As a matter of fact, 888 Poker is one of the best poker sites for Mac users in the industry today. By using the No Download or Instant Play version that is available to Mac, Linux and Ubuntu computer system users, as well as Windows users who prefer not to download software, playing tournament and ring game poker for fun or real money is just a few mouse clicks away. The Instant Play rendition is very simple to use and does offer several advantages over the download version.

Mac Computer Requirements

You should have no problems on the latest or most recent models of Mac computers by using the Apple Safari web browser. Your Mac should be equipped with 128MB of RAM, however, 512MB of RAM and a relatively high speed broadband internet connection are recommended to avoid computer lagging or service interruptions. With a screen resolution of at least 800 x 600 with 16 bit color, you will plainly see the lively and colorful graphics available in the Instant Play version. If you’re unsure about your Mac’s specifications, a simple email to [email protected] may alleviate your concerns.

Getting Started In No Download

To begin playing via the Instant Play version, 888 Poker recognizes players who are using Macintosh computers and should automatically direct you to the Flash or No Download page. A click on Quick Play or Instant Play will do the trick. By then registering your personal account information, including your screen name and passwords, you will be directed to the poker lobby where your practice play or cash money poker-playing experiences at 888 Poker can begin! Incidentally, your screen name can never be changed, so take a few moments to select a name for yourself that you will enjoy for all of eternity.

From the poker lobby, its simple to navigate your way throughout the wide variety of poker games available to you, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Stud, Stud Hi/Lo, SitNGo tournaments, and multi-table tournaments. These are the same games offered in the download version. A simple click on Cashier will enable you to deposit money via a huge selection of options including credit or debit cards, bank wires or transfers, and other popular methods such as PayPal or Skrill.

Advantages of No Download Vs. Download

There are certain benefits available to using the Instant Play version as opposed to downloading the poker client. The main advantage is that you are able to play poker on any computer, Mac or otherwise, as long as you have a connection to the internet. Certain locations or computers away from home, such as your workplace, an internet cafe, or a public library, often restrict downloads of software. In those instances where downloading is not allowed or practical, the No Download version is a huge advantage. Also, downloading many different types of software on your computer sometimes clutters and burdens your hard drive, causing it to run less smoothly and with less efficiency. Instant Play is favored by some players for those reasons.

Using Mac With Emulation Software

Emulation programs such as Wine can be utilized by Mac users to access the 888 Poker downloadable software version and run Windows software. However, the Instant Play rendition was created with Mac users in mind. It is recommended that players with Macintosh computers simply use the No Download version to avoid any problems in service that may arise that prevent the system from running smoothly by using software that is not specifically designed to function on a Mac computer.

No Download Software Features

Many of the software features found in the downloadable version are also available to Mac users who play poker at 888 Poker via the Instant Play version. Selecting various table themes, an assortment of deck colors, a variety of images on the face of the cards, checking hand histories, replaying hands, and making detailed notes about opposing players are all features available with the click of your mouse. Unfortunately, 888 Poker’s innovative PokerCam tables can only be accessed from the downloadable version.

Reliable And Safe

The encryption technology used by 888 Poker is of a highly advanced nature and ensures safety to all poker players. 888 Poker knows that it’s very important to players to have no concerns or worries at the tables about personal account and financial information being pilfered or hacked. While playing at 888 Poker, your only concern is what your opponents are holding and whether you can beat them or bluff them out of a pot. The Instant Play version for Mac users is completely reliable and safe, as is expected from one of the industry’s leading poker rooms.