888 Poker Bonus

The various bonuses offered by poker sites is a major factor or reason why some players might choose to play at one particular poker room or skin over another. Bonus money can go a long way in building your bankroll or offsetting any losses that you may happen to experience. You should always take advantage of whatever bonuses are available to you. 888 Poker offers its players an excellent deposit bonus that is obtainable simply by playing poker and accumulating the required Status Points needed in order to release the bonus.

Matching Deposit Bonus

888 Poker offers a 100% deposit bonus up to $400 that gives you the opportunity to double your money! You choose the amount you’d like to deposit, with a minimum of only $10 required and a maximum of $400 allowed. 888 Poker’s welcome bonus is a matching bonus. Deposit $10 to get $20, a $100 deposit will become $200, and so on. All the way up to a $400 bonus that will double to $800 upon earning the necessary Status Points. Getting a return on your investment of 100% is phenomenal! Try earning that percentage or rate of return at a bank or in the stock market.

Bonus Paid Incrementally For 90 Days

The bonus is paid to your account in $10 increments each time you accumulate 100 Status Points. A $200 bonus requires 2,000 Status Points. Likewise, 4,000 total Status Points would add the complete $400 bonus to your bankroll. You have plenty of time in which to earn the sign-up bonus, as 888 Poker allows 90 full days before the bonus expires. If you do not manage to earn the required Status Points needed to obtain the entire matching bonus before the 90-day expiration period, don’t worry about the bonus money being withdrawn or lost. Once each block of $10 is deposited into your account upon collecting 100 Status Points, it is yours to keep.

Earning Status Points

Status Points are earned at the rate of 2 per every dollar that you contribute to the pot in rake and 2 for every $1 in tournament entry fees. For instance, in cash games, if you contribute 40% to a pot that is raked at $0.50, you would earn .4 Status Points (40% x $0.50 x 2). In tournament action, a $20 + $2 tourney is worth 4 Status Points based on the $2 fee. Many experienced players rack up status points by playing multiple tables simultaneously. It stands to reason that the more tables you play, the more points you can earn.

However, the best advice for beginning players is to concentrate on learning the fundamentals, as well as the nuances of the game. Don’t attempt to play a bunch of tables at once in hopes of earning the bonus money quickly or you might find yourself distracted from playing too many tables and making poor decisions. Poker is a game that requires the correct decisions to be made according to the game situation at hand. Any distractions that negatively effect your decision-making will cause you to lose money. Better to play one or fewer tables correctly than to play a lot of tables incorrectly. You’re defeating the purpose of trying to win money and earn the bonus money if you are not properly focused on the game being played.

Clearing The Bonus

Perhaps you have your eye on the $400 deposit bonus and are wondering what it would take to earn all $400 in 90 days. Let’s also assume that you enjoy tournament action in addition to cash games, as many poker players do. If you played about 20% of the hands dealt to you with an average rake of 50 cents at a 40% contribution to the pot, it would take 47,750 hands to accumulate 3820 Status Points. Add to that a $10 + $1 tourney every day for all 90 days, either SitNGos or MTTs, and you would have your 4,000 Status Points and $400 bonus!

Welcome Package Additional Benefits

In addition to the 100% matching deposit bonus, first-time depositors at 888 Poker receive 9 freeroll tournament tickets to build that bankroll without risking a penny. The $100,000 First Depositors’ Challenge is the most lucrative of the freerolls with the opportunity to win part of a 100K prize pool by finishing in the top ten and winning a seat to the Sunday Challenge. As a new depositor, you can also claim your entries to a $1,000 Depositors’ Freeroll and seven different $500 First Depositors’ Freerolls just for making your first deposit.

Freerolls are a very nice way to earn some bonus money. Many of the players in freerolls play very poorly and often go all-in with somewhat less of a quality hand than they normally would if they actually had to pay a buy-in to play in the event. I suppose its human nature to be more carefree and reckless when your hard-earned money is not at stake and busting out of the tournament would be no big deal. But just think of the advantage you have over other players in the competition if you are serious and playing correctly and treating the event as though you had money on the line. Just having that positive frame of mind makes you that much better than a majority of your opponents in the tournament!

Welcome Package
Bonus Money Is Free Money

It bears repeating that bonus money is free money given to you by 888 Poker as an incentive to sign up and play. All that is required of you is to make a deposit using one of the 47 deposit methods available to you. Whether you take advantage of the full $400 allowable or just a fraction of that amount is entirely up to you. But don’t miss out on an opportunity to earn free bonus money at 888 Poker, one of the leading online poker rooms in the industry today. You do not need an 888 poker bonus code when depositing – every new player gets the bonus automatically.