888 Poker Rakeback

Poker players who are loyal to a particular poker room are deserving of special bonus offers and loyalty programs that give value to frequenting the site above and beyond any money that may be won by playing poker. Rakeback is one of the rewards or perks that many poker rooms bestow on their loyal players. At 888 Poker, the system of rakeback has been transformed into an equivalent cashback format through the VIP Loyalty Program that all players participate in from their very first real money hand. Players earn cashback at an escalating rate according to how high they climb on the ladder of loyalty.

The cashback reward program is based on automatic Status Points accumulation for cash play at both ring games and tournaments. Players at 888 Poker find the rewards program more concrete and less confusing than typical rakeback schemes. Also, 888 Poker offers the chance to earn more through cashback for top-level VIP players than most poker rooms will allow through rakeback.

Rake & Cashback

Rake is the fee or cut of every cash game pot that is taken by the poker room in return for hosting the poker games. The rake is typically a very small percentage of the pot total of each hand played that progresses to the flop and beyond. In tournament play, the rake is more commonly known as the entry fee that is attached to the buy-in. Rakeback, or cashback, is a portion or percentage of money that a poker room returns to its loyal players periodically to reward players for choosing and playing at the poker site. Basically, its an incentive to play poker and earn money simply by playing, win or lose. For players who break even on the felt, its a huge boost that results in positive earnings. For winning players, its icing on the cake!

Cashback Percentages Earned

To receive cashback at 888 Poker, you must simply play poker and collect Status Points. The Status Points that you earn are converted into Reward Points in a multiplier format that awards more Reward Points for players at higher status levels. There are 10 levels or tiers in the 888 Poker VIP Loyalty Program. The first 5 monthly levels of Blue, Iron, Chrome, Copper and Bronze all employ a Status Point to Reward Point ratio of 1:1 and players at these levels receive cashback at a rate of 2%.

The Silver level requires the accumulation of 500 Status Points in one calendar month and pays 2 Reward Points for each Status Point, thereby increasing the cashback percentage to 4%. The Gold level is achieved at 1,500 monthly Status Points, multiplies each Status Point into Reward Points by 4.5, and has a cashback value of 9%. To obtain 18% cashback, you must reach the Platinum level by tallying 4,500 Status Points in a month and will earn Reward Points converted from Status Points at a 9 to 1 ratio.

The final two levels at 888 Poker are yearly Status Point accumulation totals of 60,000 for the VIP level, garnering 27% cashback at a 13.5 to 1 multiplier rate of Status Points to Reward Points, and the ultimate level of VIP Diamond, where 300,000 annual Status Points are converted into Rewards Points at 18-1, earning a whopping cashback rate of 36%. So you can plainly see that moving up the rankings to the highest status levels can pay off in a big way in cashback rewards!

Redeeming Reward Points For Cashback

When a player at any status level at 888 Poker wants to redeem their Reward Points for cashback, from the beginning Blue level all the way up to VIP Diamond, it’s very easy! Every 1,000 Reward Points is worth $10 and can be redeemed at anytime. No need to wait until the end of the month or any specified date. As long as you have a minimum of 1,000 Reward Points, you can convert those points to cash at your desire. To do so, simply enter the main poker lobby and click on My Profile, followed by a click on My Bonuses from the drop-down list. From there, click on Convert Points and enter the number of Reward Points that you would like to redeem for cashback. Your account will be credited immediately with your bonus cashback.

Redeeming Reward Points For Merchandise

In addition to cashback rewards, 888 Poker also features a Rewards Store where you can trade in your Reward Points for amazing merchandise such as iPods, laptops, camcorders, iPhones, assorted apparel, and a huge selection of items designed to get more value for your Reward Points. The store is jam-packed with quality merchandise that you can often find at a better bargain than a typical retail outlet. So whether you want to redeem your Reward Points for cash in the cashback program or go shopping in the Rewards Store for all kinds of goodies is entirely your choice as a loyal 888 Poker player.

Loyalty Pays

888 Poker firmly believes that poker players should be rewarded for their loyalty. The established VIP Loyalty Program does just that in its rakeback equivalent cashback rewards format that allows the most loyal of players to earn even more value than is commonly found in rakeback deals at other poker sites. For savvy poker players who are always looking for the best value in earning money, the cashback rewards program at 888 Poker really makes a difference when compared with typical rakeback schemes offered elsewhere.