888 Poker VIP Program

The loyalty program at 888 Poker is designed to reward loyal players for playing at the site with special perks and bonuses such as cashback rewards and freeroll tournaments. With each real money hand or tournament played in which a rake or tourney entry fee is collected, players earn Status Points. The number of accumulated Status Points determines the status level of each player. As you climb higher and higher through the succeeding tiers of the loyalty program by earning more and more Status Points, the benefits awarded to you increase substantially.

Status Points

Status Points are earned at the generous rate of 2 for every $1 contributed in rake in cash games and also 2 for every $1 in tournament entry fees. For instance, a $20 + $2 tourney, either SitNGo or multi-table, would earn 4 Status Points based on the $2 entry fee attached to the buy-in. For a ring game example, if you contributed 50% of a pot in which the rake taken was $0.50, you would earn one-half of a Status Point based on $0.25 of the generated rake coming from your contribution.

VIP Levels

The 888 Poker VIP Program consists of 10 different levels, 8 of which are based on monthly Status Point totals and the remaining 2 levels are achieved through annual Status Point totals. Beginning players are placed in the Blue level and only 10 Status Points advances you to Iron status. The next levels of Chrome, Copper and Bronze are achieved by earning 25, 50 and 100 Status Points in a calendar month, respectively. The Silver level requires 500 Status Points, you will enter the Gold member ranking at 1,500 Status Points, and Platinum status rounds out the monthly levels with a threshold of 4,500 Status Points needed. The two yearly levels of the loyalty program are achieved by earning 60,000 Status Points for VIP status and 300,000 Status Points for the top level of VIP Diamond.

Monthly Status Point totals are reset to zero on the first of each month. You will move up as soon as you reach each new status threshold and you will retain that status until the conclusion of the following month. For the yearly VIP classes, if you reach one of the two annual plateaus, your status remains intact for the following 12 full months. For instance, achieving VIP level by earning 60,000 Status Points on July 17, 2012, your VIP membership is valid through July of 2013.

Reward Points

Status Points determine your level in the VIP Program. To earn cashback and valuable merchandise rewards, 888 Poker uses a multiplier format that converts Status Points into Reward Points at rates that climb higher as you move up the tiers in the VIP Program. The Reward Points are then redeemed for cashback bonuses and all sorts of items in the 888 Poker Online Store.

The initial 5 monthly levels of Blue, Iron, Chrome, Copper and Bronze all receive an even money Status Point to Reward Point ratio of 1 to 1. Upon obtaining Silver level status, players receive 2 Reward Points for each Status Point. The Gold level features a conversion of 4.5 Reward Points for each Status Point, while Platinum players enjoy a payout of 9 Reward Points per Status Point earned.

The yearly VIP levels, as you can imagine, have hefty conversion rates designed to bestow awesome rewards on the most loyal players. VIP ranked players get a huge 13.5 to 1 multiplier rate of Reward Points for Status Points, and VIP Diamond members earn a whopping 18 Reward Points for each and every Status Point obtained. Reaching a yearly VIP level does not require play for a full year. If you attain the 60,000 or 300,000 Status Point threshold in less than a year, you will become a VIP level member immediately. Incidentally, Reward Points will not expire unless you are completely inactive on the site for three months.

One other great feature that 888 Poker allows its players to do is to use Status and Reward Points from playing casino games to be transferrable in the 888 Poker VIP Program. For every $16 wagered on your favorite online casino games such as roulette, blackjack and slots, you will earn 1 Status Point. The conversion rate from Status Points to Reward Points is at face value of 1 to 1, meaning that no multiplier is used when tallying points from casino games.

Cashback Rewards By Percentage

Obtaining cashback reward bonuses for your accumulated Reward Points is one of the greatest benefits of the VIP Loyalty Program. Depending on your status level, you will earn anywhere from 2% to a gigantic 36% cashback from your real money play at 888 Poker. The Blue, Iron, Chrome, Copper and Bronze levels all receive a 2% cashback redemption rate on collected Reward Points. The Silver level cashback rate increases to 4%. Gold members obtain 9% cashback on their Reward Points, while players achieving Platinum ranking can expect 18% cashback rewards.

The annual levels of VIP and VIP Diamond receive the highest cashback rewards. A VIP-tiered player earns an amazing 27% return by way of cashback bonus redemption. VIP Diamond players, the top and most well-respected tier in the entire VIP Loyalty Program, enjoy an incredible 36% cashback percentage for their undying loyalty and hours of play at 888 Poker.

Rewards Store

In addition to redeeming Reward Points for cashback, which is paid at the rate of $10 for every 1,000 Reward Points at all levels, Reward Points can also be used to purchase a wide assortment of merchandise at the 888 Poker Rewards Store. Laptops, iPods, iPads, clothing and all kinds of poker-related items are available for purchase just by using your accumulated Reward Points.This is just a small sample of the overwhelming amount of goodies available, as the Online Store is loaded with quality merchandise at value rates in comparison to prices found elsewhere.

Freerolls For Every Status Level

Another quality benefit of the VIP Program is that each status level has its own freeroll tournament. From the $75 Daily Freeroll for Blue players on up through the $100, $200 and $300 daily freerolls for Iron, Chrome and Copper levels, respectively, there is a freeroll tournament for every ranking. The $750 Weekly Bronze Freeroll, $1,000 Weekly Silver Freeroll, $4,000 Monthly Gold Freeroll, and $7,000 Monthly Platinum Freeroll round out the list. And the beauty of it is that whatever status level you happen to be, you are eligible to play in all of the freerolls directly below your status level. For example, Silver level players can also enter the Blue, Iron, Chrome, Copper and Bronze freerolls. That’s a lot of chances to earn bonus cash!

Additional Perks For VIP Status Members

Achieving the yearly VIP and VIP Diamond status levels is a big deal at 888 Poker. Upon attaining the VIP ranking, you will receive special treatment worthy of the most loyal of players. The perks available include being given your very own personal account manager, receiving invitations to exclusive VIP freerolls and live events, having access to reviewing feedback at the VIP Voices page, and receiving all the latest VIP News. That’s in addition to the enomous 27% and 36% cashback reward rates available to the two top-ranked tiers in the 888 Poker VIP Loyalty Program!