888 Poker SitNGos

SitNGo tournaments have become very popular in the online poker community. For those unfamiliar with the meaning, a SitNGo is a tournament that has no official starting time as do multi-table tournaments (MTTs), instead beginning when the number of players for the selected SitNGo have signed up and been randomly seated. SitNGos are most frequently thought of as a one-table tournament. However, this is not always true, as 888 Poker classifies its SitNGos as including as many as 60 buy-in players or entrants.

SitNGos feature the same structure as MTTs in that blinds will increase at pre-determined times and amounts. As the SitNGo progresses, players will run out of chips and become eliminated. The winner is the last player standing, so to speak, just as in an MTT. The cash out field typically consists of several winners, such as the 2nd and 3rd place finishers. But, identical to MTT action, the number of players finishing in-the-money is dependent upon the number of entrants in the SitNGo.

Varieties of SitNGo Games at 888

888 Poker features a huge assortment of SitNGo game choices that are designed to provide something for everyone with regards to buy-in amounts and the different types of games offered. You can buy-in to a SitNGo for only two cents or pay an entry fee as high as $2,000. Of course, most players will be found playing at the amazing number of buy-in choices more in the middle of the two extremes of high and low. For instance, buy-ins of $5.50, $11 and $22 are quite popular and tend to fill up quickly. Of those three buy-ins, $5, $10 and $20 are the actual dollar amounts that will go toward the prize pool to be distributed to the winners of the SitNGos. The remaining $0.50, $1 and $2, respectively, would go to the “house” as an entry fee for hosting the event.

SitNGos can be found in either no-limit, pot-limit or fixed-limit action, but the huge majority are played as no-limit. For players who like fast action, Turbo and Super Turbo SitNGos are available, which speed up the time in which you must make a decision and act, as well as increasing the blind levels more quickly, sometimes every two minutes in Super Turbo games. Incidentally, there are no recesses or breaks in SitNGo events as there are in MTTs. Once the SitNGo fills up with the required number of entrants, it will play until its conclusion.

The options of SitNGo games featuring more than one table of entrants include varieties such as 18 Seats, 20 Seats, 40 seats and 60 Seats. The one-table game choices include Heads-Up, 6-Handed, 9-Handed, 10-Handed, Double or Nothing, Triple-Up and All-In. Most of those are self-explanatory, consisting of 2, 6, 9 or 10 players. Double or Nothing games are typically played with either 8 or 10 players. The SitNGo is over when half of the entrants are eliminated and the other half who are still seated are declared the winners and receive double their buy-in amount, excluding the entry fee. There is no greater compensation to players with more chips or a higher finish. You either double your money or lose.

Triple-Up typically features three entrants with 1 winner taking home all the money of his 2 opponents. All-In SitNGos are normally Heads-Up events which require all your chips to be in the pot every hand. The Heads-Up SitNGo will conclude after only one hand unless, remarkably, the players should tie. There is no skill involved and reduces the game to the luck of the cards in a coin flip type event. The appeal of such a SitNGo eludes me, but 888 Poker aims to please everyone with their game choices and perhaps some players enjoy this type of mindless action.

In 6-Handed SitNGos, either 2 or 3 of the top finishers will cash out. Nine or 10-Handed games usually pay the top three players, except for the aforementioned Double or Nothing SitNGos, which makes winners out of five of the 10 entrants who contribute to the prize pool. The SitNGos formatted with more than one table in play vary in payout structure. In order to find the payout information, as well as all the SitNGo games offered at 888 Poker, go to the lobby and click on All Games, followed by a click on Sit & Go, located slightly below All Games. One more click on All just below Sit & Go will give you the list of all SitNGo games currently available to join and play. A double-click on any of the offered games will provide you with further detailed information such as buy-in amount, payouts, how quickly the blinds increase, and the number of players waiting to play and begin once the table or tables fill with the required entrants.

SitNGo Strategy

Strategy used by a successful SitNGo player will often differ from the strategy employed in MTTs and cash games. Many players believe that an aggressive approach works best during SitNGo play, taking risks and making decisions with more urgency than you normally would in a typical MTT setting. There is some common sense to that approach, as you won’t always have the option of playing with more patience as the most successful pros suggest you do in MTT formats. However, you’re still playing poker and risking most or all of your chips on less than an optimal hand can find you eliminated without cashing. That being said, sometimes when your chips are low and those blinds are fast increasing, your best choice is to play the hand you’ve been dealt so as not to allow the blinds to eat your chips anyway. Much of the correct or proper decisions to make depends, of course, on the game situation in front of you, as well as the tendencies and playing styles of your opponents.

But, remember, too that what makes poker such a great game is that there are no hard and fast rules to use at all times. There are winning players with aggressive and reckless playing styles and also successful players who play tight and conservative. The best strategy, then, is to find your own playing style that you are comfortable with and that best suits you.

SitNGos Are Fun

Some players play SitNGos exclusively, while others sometimes use it as a diversion from the grind of cash table action. Whatever your preference, there is no question that SitNGos, especially the one table variety with 6 or 9 players, can usually be a lot of fun. As players get eliminated and you get closer to finishing in-the-money, it becomes quite exhilarating when the blinds are increasing and players find themselves at a stage of a crucial make-or-break decision. Sometimes its kind of like being at the final table of an MTT, without all the time and work required to get there!