888 Poker Support

888 Poker avails its loyal customers of 24-hour support through its Help support page that can be accessed in 7 different languages for its global customer base. The page covers frequently asked questions regarding many issues whose answers are easily located by finding the appropriate heading of each concern. The areas covered include bonuses, promotions, deposits, withdrawals, login problems, account information, registration and technical issues.

Some of the issues that may arise and that are addressed under the different headings on the Help page are the following: bonuses not credited or received; how to withdraw, as well as withdrawal policies and timeframes; deposit limits, methods and technical cashier issues; trouble logging in and forgetting username or password; and software installation and/or uninstallation.

If your particular problem or query isn’t specifically addressed on the Help page, simply type in the keywords of your concern in the advanced search box and click on search to call up answers designed to alleviate your problem. If your issue still has not been resolved through that method, a Contact Us button is located near every answer on the Help page to allow you to send an email to 888 Poker support.

Contacting Support

There is no need to open your own personal email to send your concern to 888 representatives. Simply fill out the questionnaire page after clicking Contact Us and your missive will be sent directly to support personnel at [email protected] You are also able to attach documents to your query if that would help you in explaining your concern to the 888 Poker support team staff who are working around the clock to assist 888 Poker customers.

888 Poker prides itself on customer service and aims to respond to all queries in a reasonable amount of time and as soon as is logistically possible. With its intent to make your online poker playing experience as enjoyable as possible, 888 Poker is committed to answering your questions and resolving any outstanding issues experienced by its loyal players. At this time, the Support Help Page and [email protected] are the available options to resolving any questions or problems.

Support Staff

The people whose job it is to answer your questions and resolve any problems at 888 Poker–the support staff–are both courteous and knowledgeable. Their responses to your queries and problems show a dedication to provide their loyal players with concise and accurate information designed to solve problems and alleviate concerns. Customer support is so very important at a poker room. Online poker players don’t want to feel like they are dealing with a faceless company that is located somewhere out in cyberspace.

They want to know that there are real people involved who care about the players who are depositing money and choosing 888 Poker as their site to play poker. 888 Poker understands this and makes every effort to provide its customers with answers that are met with a high degree of satisfaction.

Fairness In Play

A major concern of many poker players playing online is how poker sites tackle the issue of cheating. Player collusion, poker bots, chip dumping and a fixed or set-up deck of cards are some of the ways that players and/or poker rooms have been accused of not playing fairly. 888 Poker takes these concerns very seriously. A Random Number Generator is utilized to ensure that cards of each hand are dealt in a fair and random fashion. The generator is constantly undergoing rigorous testing by both 888 inspectors and outside testing sources to ensure accuracy and fair play.

In regards to cheating by other players, 888 Poker has developed and utilizes highly sophisticated proprietary technology to locate players colluding or employing any other types of fraudulent activity. 888 Poker is licensed in Gibraltar and has been certified “Safe and Fair” by eCOGRA, which stands for e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, operating out of London. You can rest assured that the poker games hosted by 888 Poker are completely safe and reliable.